Resolute Forest Products Inc. is a leading firm in sustainable forestry and paper products. With a solid commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, Resolute is paving the most excellent way for a more sustainable future.

Founded in 2007, Resolute Forest Products Inc. has shortly established itself as a global chief within the forest merchandise industry. The firm operates over 40 pulp and paper mills and wood products facilities within the United States, Canada, and South Korea. With such an in-depth presence, Resolute is prepared to provide an extensive range of high-quality merchandise to its prospects.

What makes Resolute, aside from its rivals, is its unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. The firm understands that responsible forest management is crucial for the long-term well-being of our planet, and it has taken quite a few steps to ensure its operations are as environmentally pleasant as possible.

Responsible Forestry

Resolute Forest Products Inc. is committed to responsible forestry practices across its operations. The firm strictly adheres to internationally acknowledged sustainability certifications, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). These certifications ensure that Resolute’s merchandise comes from forests that are managed in a way that protects biodiversity, maintains ecosystem health, and respects the rights of indigenous peoples and native communities.

Resolute also invests in reforestation efforts to replenish the forests it harvests. Through tree-planting initiatives, the company ensures that future generations will continue to profit from the pure assets supplied by forests.

Innovative Technologies

Resolute Forest Products Inc. understands that innovation is vital to driving sustainable change within the industry. The company repeatedly invests in cutting-edge applied sciences that enhance functional resource efficiency and cut back environmental influence.

One notable example is Resolute’s use of bioproducts in its manufacturing processes. By harnessing the power of renewable assets, Resolute is prepared to produce various bio-based products, together with biofuels and biochemicals. This not only reduces the corporation’s reliance on fossil fuels but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Engagement

In addition to its environmental efforts, Resolute Forest Products Inc. is actively involved in the communities where it operates. The firm believes in constructing sturdy relationships with local stakeholders and strives to be a good company citizen.

Resolute supports varied group initiatives, including education schemes and partnerships with native organizations. The firm additionally prioritizes hiring regionally, providing job alternatives and financial growth in the areas it serves.

Through its dedication to accountable forestry, progressive technologies, and neighborhood engagement, Resolute Forest Products Inc. is the leading way toward an extra-sustainable future. As shoppers increasingly demand environmentally friendly merchandise, Resolute is well-positioned to fulfill these expectations and set new requirements within the forest merchandise business.


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